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Hör av dig till oss så hjälper en av våra grymma reseexperter dig att hitta din drömresa.
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Jasmin Ngo
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Hi! My name is Jasmin Ngo. I’m a-28-year-old girl from Helsinki Finland. After high school I left for my first ever backpacking trip to South East Asia where I was supposed to be for 7 weeks. That trip ended up lasting for nearly 6 years. In that time, I lived and worked in 5 countries and got myself certified as Open Water Scuba Instructor with over 1000 dives. I also have a bachelors degree from Traveling and tourism business. Due to the pandemic I had to get creative since there were no jobs available on the field. I started making content on social media. Now I can proudly tell you that I am a fulltime social media content creator earning my living just doing content on my own social media channels – mostly on TikTok. The content I create is versatile but mostly about traveling, food and DIY tutorials.

My life goal is to visit every single country in the world. I have visited 58 countries so I still have many places to visit – therefore I don’t really mind where I go next. I only want it to be somewhere where I haven’t been yet. I have been wanting to go to South Africa and nearby countries for a long time. Also India, Sri Lanka and Maldives would be amazing combo to travel on one trip and on the other hand South America is very tempting as well since I have never been! You have probably heard the saying “going with the flow”? That’s how I usually do. I travel to countries where I can find reasonable flights after I have checked the living costs of the country. When I’m in the destination I see how I like it and then basically check where I could go next. I usually ask people’s opinions and recommendations and make the final decisions according to those. I might change my plans if I find some interesting people to tag along or I might stay less or more days in a certain destination depending how I like it. I'm usually very active traveler that has filled the days with activities and sightseeing so 3 days is usually a maximum time I like to spend in one place. If you like fast-paced, adventure and FOOD filled trips you are highly welcome to tag along!

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