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Hittar du inte det du letar efter?

Hör av dig till oss så hjälper en av våra grymma reseexperter dig att hitta din drömresa.

Surf or Yoga plus Spanish


Surf or Yoga plus Spanish

Your Program

Monday - Friday
07:30-08:30 - Breakfast
09:00-11:00 - Spanish Lesson
12:00-13:00 - Lunch
14:00-16:00 - Surf or Yoga Lessons
With the exception of Wednesday when the surf or yoga lesson session from 14:00-16:00 is replaced by hikes exploring the local area.

Morning - Free
11:00-12:00 - Brunch
12:00-16:00 - Free day. If you want, you can try the optional Waterfall Tour, Isla Tortugas Tour or get some extra Surf or Yoga lessons (not included).

Brunch. The day is free for you to spend as you like!
(Departure day for those leaving)

Spanish Lessons

Each week from Monday to Friday there will be 2 x 45 minute Spanish lessons (usually between 09:00-11:00 but subject to change depending surf conditions). Tuition is delivered by accredited and licensed teachers and on day one you will receive a short test to establish your level and objectives. These lessons will be tailored to suit all levels from beginner to intermediate and are designed to help you interact and immerse with the local community and enjoy being in a Spanish speaking country.

Surf and Yoga Lessons

Each week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday you have a choice of doing a surfing OR yoga lessons.

Surf lessons (approx. 2 hours) are delivered by a local professional surf instructor. As well as showing you the basics - or taking you to the next level - you learn basic safety principles taking into account local issues such as rip tides. Boards are provided for surf lessons. Additional lessons are available on request, as well as board rental.

Alternatively, at the times scheduled for surf lessons, you can enjoy professional yoga instruction. For a long time now this magical place has been a destination for yogis from all around the world. What better place to learn or practice yoga than on a wild beach with the sound of waves crashing on the soft white sand, or in our jungle lodge surrounded by lush foliage to the sounds of the river and birds? Many people come here every year to practice and teach yoga so there is a class to for every level from absolute beginner to advanced yogi. You will receive 8 vouchers per week for yoga lessons. You are free to use them when you wish.

Popular classes include Yoga for All, Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Deep Restorative, Relaxing & Mediation. You are invited to try a variety of forms of yoga during your time with us. Each class is 60-90 minutes (max of 8 classes per week) - a combination of group and private classes depending your needs. Yoga provides mental balance, body control and it will help you to relax and enjoy every part of your journey in Costa Rica. Enjoy the mantras and discover a new way to relax and be in tune with your body (and nature) by doing yoga and living the Pura Vida lifestyle.


We would like you to enjoy Nicoya Peninsula - an area of outstanding natural beauty - so each Wednesday we will explore our surroundings on foot. The first is a 2 hour ‘jungle river trek’ along a river that runs by Jakera Jungle Surf Camp and into the lush tropical forest that surrounds us. You will quickly find yourself ‘lost’ and wondering which direction the seemingly nearby beach is.

The second Wednesday we hike from ‘beach to waterfall’ to discover a multitude of waterfalls and rivers that tumble and twist through the rainforest and out into the Pacific Ocean. This hike helps us to understand how the whole eco system works. There is a huge range of flora including trees with specific medicinal applications. We begin to understand the beauty of this truly diverse location.

Free Time

During the weekends, there are a lot of opportunities to expore the area and try out different activities such as white water rafting, horse riding, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, whale watching, a jungle canopy tour etc. There is always something to do and if it all sounds too active, you can just enjoy the beach or pool.

Please note: Travel on the weekends, or any of the extra activities is at your own expense and risk. We cannot be responsible but, if anything happens, we will of course be there to assist. Please ensure that you have adequate medical insurance before you carry out any activity.

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Extra utgifter på plats


We have created a jungle paradise complete with swimming pool overlooked by a rich tropical forest bursting with wildlife including capuchin and howler monkeys.

Accommodation is same-gender dorms with beds, and separate toilet and shower facilities (hot and cold water!). Breakfast and lunch are provided but the daily routine will be structured to accommodate quality of the surf (generally better in the mornings) as we try to create opportunities for the beach in between our priorities of Spanish lessons and volunteering.

There is a laundry service in the local town for getting your clothes washed at a very reasonable price. Wifi is available for free.

The arrival package includes airport transfer to the hostel in San Jose, one night in San Jose in dorm accommodation, transfer the following day from San Jose to Playa Santa Teresa.

Lokal transport

You can either get to the project on your own, or make your arrival smoother by booking an airport transfer or an arrival package.

Airport Transfer
You can book your project including an airport transfer. There is an airport transfer at 08:00 from San Jose..

Arrival Package
You can book an arrival package including pick-up from the airport, 1 night in San Jose and transfer to Santa Teresa on the following day. The next day the same transfer times to Santa Teresa apply:
There is an airport transfer at 08:00 from San Jose.

Other Transportation
Local transportation during the program is at your own cost.

Departure Transfer
Shuttle buses can be booked locally for a transfer back from Santa Teresa to San Jose airport. The journey takes approximately 5½-6 hours. Alternatively, a domestic flight can be booked from Cobano to San Jose, the domestic flight is a 10-minute walk from the international airport.


Breakfast, lunch, and brunch on weekends are included. Safe drinking water, tea, coffee, natural soft drinks will be provided. Beers and sodas are not included. All food in our camp is organic, sourced from local farmers and fishermen with garnishes and a few extras from our own garden. Our menu is predominantly vegetarian, though we do also serve locally sourced meat and fish. Although menus will be local, they’ll be tempered to western tastes and vegetarians are easily accommodated. Salads, simple soups, tortillas, sweet plantains and local food made of tubers (similar to potatoes) are also popular.

There is a kitchen at the camp where you can make your own food. You will need to help with cleaning dishes and keep your room and public areas tidy.

There are also social nights arranged at camp - pizza night, burger night, Mexican night etc where dinner costs between USD 7-10 (not included).

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