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Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh by Easy Rider


Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh by Easy Rider

Day 1: Da Lat to Di Linh

Pack your curiosity and adventurous spirit – you're in for the ride of a lifetime! Your guide and motorbike will come pick you up at your hotel in Da lat in the morning. As you head out of the honeymoon city, you will quickly see the landscape changing before you and reach the open road.

Visit a pepper plantation, a mushroom farm, a beautiful flower farm and experience rice wine cooking. Go to the flushing Pongua waterfall trembling down in 7 steps, and the Elephant waterfall where you can do a small trek down to see a cave at the falls.You will also visit the traditional Linh An Pagoda and stopover at a silkworm village and factory. Not least, you will stop at farm producing Weasel Coffee. You will be able to enjoy a cup; see if you taste the difference?

Accommodation: Di Linh Hotel in a Standard Room

Day 2: Di Linh to Bao Loc

Another day with great excursions await you. Depending on the season, you will enjoy stops at a couple of fruit farms along the way. Spice it up with a visit to a coffee plantation and even South Vietnam's biggest tea plantation. You will get closer to an understanding of the cultivation and preparations of either.

During the day you will also visit the K'Ho minority ethnic group, trek in the mountains, pass by Dam Bri Waterfalls and get close to the local farmers and fishermen.

Accommodation: Bao Loc Hotel in a Standard Room

Day 3: Bao Loc to Dong Xoai via the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Continue with a fresh mind and spirit for another adventurous day. You'll get a taste of the Ho Chi Minh Trail and its magnificent scenery. Beyond its beauty, the Trail also refers to a logistical system that ran from the North to South Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War. It provided support in the form of manpower and material and was considered one of the great achievements of military engineering of the 20th Century.

During the day you will stop at a Cassava farm to see how they farm this shrub. You will visit a cashew nut plantation and factory to understand the full process of growing the tasty nut. You will visit a war monument, a big pagoda in Dong Xoai town, a bamboo making village and a pepper plantation. And then you will get to enjoy some of the delicious tropical fruits that Vietnam has to offer.

Accommodation: Dong Xoai Hotel in a Standard Room

Day 4: Dong Xoai to Ho Chi Minh

You will drive the last stretch towards Dalat and enjoy lots of stops along the way such as the Cu Chi tunnels, (in)famous from the Vietnam War. It's an immense network of connecting underground tunnels stretching for over 200kms and the location of several military campaigns by the Viet Cong. These tunnels played a vital part in the war. You will have a couple of hours to explore the area and to go below ground (if you dare!)

You will also go to a rubber tree plantation and a curry plantation to learn more about farm and cultivation life in the Vietnamese countryside. Late in the day you will notice that the landscape becomes flatter and the urban jungle is now far behind you. Upon arrival in Ho Chi Minh, you will be transferred to your hotel.

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1 night at a Di Linh Hotel in a Standard Room
1 night at Bao Loc Hotel in a Standard Room
1 night at Dong Xoai Hotel in a Standard Room

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